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Dr Anil Kumar Proag(RMP)(RMT) - B.A. Economics and Political Science, M.A Counselling, Dr in Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Dr in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Professional Astrologer, Reiki Master Teacher, Master Hypnotist.



   EFT….Emotional Freedom Technique Seminar…1 full day.......Level 1………………………....Rs. 4500/= 

  EFT….Emotional Freedom Technique Seminar….1 full day.......Level 2 …………………….…..Rs.7500/= 

Quit Smoking - EFT!  


Anyone in pursuit of ways to quit smoking will try almost any pill or gadget, or the latest gimmicks to attain this goal. There are so many "programs" and "plans" that claim to help you to kick the habit forever, but in reality, they are almost always just that - gimmicks. 


It is amazing that so many people are finally accepting the fact that cigarettes are bad for your health - trying almost anything that claims to help them "kick the habit", and yet they are so reluctant to try something as simple as EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE.

After using EFT or EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE for the first time to address problems with addictions, many people are completely caught off guard by the results. After having tried many other methods to quit smoking and other addictions as well, many have been able to completely quit smoking and overeating, and stop using alcohol and drugs, with the help of EFT.

The first benefit of using EFT for addictions such as smoking is that it effectively deals with the craving a person is experiencing. The tapping of the body's energy meridians should be completed along with positive thoughts such as "Although I am addicted to tobacco, I am strong enough to overcome my addiction and live a fulfilling life."

While many other techniques fail to remove cravings - making it very difficult, if not impossible, to quit an addiction - after a round or two of EFT tapping, a person's craving usually completely passes. In fact, a lot of people can walk away from their addictions and lead much healthier lives after regular EFT therapy, or even self-taught EFT usage.

In addition to the meridian tapping, EFT also works with addictions because it is a holistic health approach, meaning that all aspects of a person's being are recognized: the physical, spiritual, and emotional. The majority of addictions have an emotional root, even though it is a physical problem as well.

Every time a person uses an addictive substance, he or she is trying to block out the fear, guilt, or anger of a past issue. The smoking is just a vice to relieve pain, forget past trauma, or deal with an unpleasant situation.

EFT doesn't just cover up the symptoms or problems that led to the addiction. In fact, with just a few EFT sessions, many can actually leave the addiction behind altogether. One must recognize the anxiety that is causing the desire for the addictive substance such as nicotine, and performing the EFT tapping routine for that craving can really help to reduce the cravings for good.

EFT has amazing healing powers, and can treat nicotine addiction quickly and effectively. Once a person understands what is making them want to block out their feelings with cigarettes, the intensity of the craving can be eliminated with some EFT training.

EFT tapping can help overcome both the physical cravings for nicotine, as well as the emotional attachment. You do not even have to recognize the basis of the fears and feelings that you are masking with nicotine in order for EFT to work.

Two of the most common addictions are drugs and alcohol, but there are a number of other addictions that can be treated effectively with EFT. For instance, in addition to using EFT to quit smoking, there have been many reports of EFT curing addictions such as sexual addiction, compulsive hair pulling, nail biting, overuse of caffeine, Chocolate craving, fear of heights; fear of lizards, dogs and cockroaches; and many others. As Gary Craig says, "Try It On Everything".  





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"As you know, I have been living with the aftermath of a neuro-toxic illness that has included paralysis and other major mobility issues. I noticed right away that my range of motion was substantially improved. My range of motion in my right arm was close to 45-55% of normal and after the 2nd PAST LIFE REGRESSION, my range of motion has dramatically increased to about 75-80%. Dr Pam, Thank you!" Nikki, TEACHER

"I have herniated disc and have been having back pain for the past  many  years...I noticed a big difference after each session of HYPNOSIS and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technic). I am able to sleep well and my sex life is getting better" Love you Doctor Proag- Kevin, Contractor

"Intense pain in my left neck and shoulder since my motorcycle accident..  I am still going to the dispensary every 6 months. I am also going to massage therapist nearly every week. You made that difference in my life and the pain is less than 10 percent after the third 4th HYPNOSIS SESSION." – Thank you Dr anil,  Lindsey, Office Manager

"Dr PAM “waved his magic hand” and cleared the lingering ache in my jaw in a matter of seconds. I was having so many problems to sit and study for my final year degree in Management at the University of Mauritius. Thank you and congratulation Dr Anil Proag. I have been able to clear my papers and got a 2nd class degree." - Gool Rani., University Student

“Dr Anil Kumar Proag, Reiki Grand Master, Spiritual Healer , Shaman,  and Clinical Hypnotherapist has helped me free up physical pain  in multiple areas of my spine and neck after being daily beaten at home by my husband. Also Dr PAM helped me get cleared of my suicide attempts because of the daily TORTURE from my husband and in laws. I could not go back home because I had married against the wish of my parents and (MOTI RODE JOLIE GARSON)...Thank you." - Preety, Educator.  

 "I was going down a road of confusion, and bitterness, and pain, and darkness, and this Dr PAM (ANIL PROAG) literally saved my life. This person who works with Angels and Guides has solutions for any and all the problems " – Esha.. Bank manager.


"This is probably the most relaxing and rejuvenation 3 days I've had in years after my PAST LIFE REGRESSION. I feel completely renewed, like I am ready to take on the world." Dr Pam(Anil k Proag), thank you. 2 hours at 8000/- was worth it --Paul ...AUTHOR


"Since the day I finished MY WEIGHT LOSS TREATMENT, I have felt absolutely more energized, more focused, younger than I have in many years. I lost about 13 lbs. which I've kept off, I have more energy, I wake up more easily, I stopped taking sleeping pills" --Frank ...Flight Attendant


Thank you so much for guiding me to make the right decisions in choosing my career and getting admission to the University of Mauritius. Faisal, ...  student


The daily fight in my house is over now, as per your instructions I rarely reply back the same day when we are having a fight. My husband cools down and my kids are no more traumatised. Thank you again Dr Pam (anil proag). Soonita ...Lawyer


When you said you will be present during the interview I could not understand. But I felt your presence and was very much encouraged and fearless. Luckily I got that promotion at the bank. Love you. Sameer, ... Bank executive.


Your Distance Healing saved my job in the Cruise ship that I am working as I was always so tired and sleepless. Not easy to work 12 to 15 hours daily. Thank you and sorry for calling you long distance so many times from different countries. Shanti.. .Room attendant


You changed the life of my son with your clinical hypnotherapy system. Although it was costly your hypnosis subconscious reprogramming changed everything. My sons’ demand for money daily, hitting me often, not going to the college, coming late at night, being suspended from classes and his brutal language, all completely changed to better. Even all his very bad friends are gone. Thank you, thank you and thank you Dr Pam. Solange,... a desperate mother.


I love you and bless you. You saved my home from divorce. My wife had already left me, as she was exhausted from my drinking, gambling and daily fights, but your several sessions of PLR (Past life Regression), Karma Cleansing and your very powerful Tabiz brought my wife back home. My friends do not understand this 360 degrees change. YOU are a very special healer and even brought back my Jinn. Ismael, ... Chief Executive


Because of problem with the other women, my wife also started having an affair. My job at the hotel was suffering. My friends had left me. My kids were not talking to me. I was as if under a spell and everything was going wrong. Your Talismans, daily prayer and Tapping sessions with counselling saved my Job. The other women left the country and my family got united. I was able to save my Job. Dr Pam because of your treatments and prayers I am me again. Thank you. Paul,... Hotel manager